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When I first started this community, I didn't know that I'd actually have affiliates, so I didn't bother to make an affiliate post. But now I'm finding it's more convenient to have one, so here it is:

This is a list of this community's affiliates. If you'd like to affiliate with [ profile] chacu_icons, you can leave a comment here.

[ profile] satura_te
icons by [ profile] parron

This is my friend's graphics journal. Her most recent interest is Axis Powers Hetalia, but you can also find some nice Persona, Deadman Wonderland, Eureka 7, DragonBall, Final Fantasy X/X-2, and X/1999 icons at this journal.

[ profile] accioic0ns
icons by [ profile] that_was_cheesy

My Disney friend's icon journal containing many many beautiful Disney icons. And you can probably maybe expect icons for Legend of the Seeker or Harry Potter in the future. :)

[ profile] uponasparkle
icons & blinkies by [ profile] jedijen

This community contains icons, and various kinds of pixel graphics including pixons, blinkies, and sigtags. You must join the community to see the graphics.

[ profile] revencouleurs
icons by [ profile] rainbowishes

[ profile] rainbowishes's new community for mostly Disney graphics (and tutorials, profile layouts, etc.). Old graphics can be found at [ profile] diamonds_style.

[ profile] caramelmilk_t
icons by [ profile] caramelmilk_t

Disney icons, plus icons for various movies as well as animanga and video game subjects. Quite a wide variety of subjects, and all gorgeous. :)

[ profile] icon_hut
icons by [ profile] ashmazing88

Here you can find icons for various fandoms including Disney, Buffy, Twilight, Charmed, and other celebrities and movies. Older entries are set to members only.

[ profile] capulettes
icons by [ profile] daisyulliel & [ profile] schmaltzyyy

This community is shared by [ profile] daisyulliel and [ profile] schmaltzyyy -- they post a wide variety of icons of subjects like fashion, stock, movies, singers, Disney, Naruto, and Skins. Older entries are set to members only.

[ profile] sunkissedsky
icons by [ profile] kaysoul

Here you can find icons related to Harry Potter, Disney, stock, and TV shows like True Blood and Skins. Check it out! The community is members only.

[ profile] tokyoteahouse
icons by [ profile] nightingeek ([ profile] sailorraspberry)

A graphics comm that features subjects like Sailor Moon, Disney, stock, and various actors/actresses!

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